3D Prompt
3D Image generation

3D Prompt

Generate 3D images from text inputs.



Launch Date

May 12, 2023

3D Prompt is an AI tool created by @markdoppler that allows users to convert text into a 3D image. The tool requires users to log in with their email and confirm it to use its features. Users can then input their desired text in English, up to a maximum number specified by the tool, to create a 3D image. The images can be either public or private and can be saved in a personal collection or generated to be publicly visible. The range of images that can be created is vast, from a sparkling protein shake to a pixelated Minecraft gaming model, to an Indian Hindu Temple with LED lighting, to a Gothic throne. Additionally, users can input various characters, objects, and scenes such as a cartoon knight, an MMA fighter on a beach with an astronaut helmet, the Statue of Liberty playing an electric guitar, and even Elvis Presley. Further, the tool allows for customization, such as making a pixelated Minecraft model look modern and perfectly strange, or integrating a 3D shiny sofa in an office with blue walls and orange floor tiles. Overall, 3D Prompt is a versatile AI tool for those who want to create 3D images from their desired text in a range of settings and scenarios.

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