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Leverage our extensive, AI-powered database of over 700 million verified B2B leads to effortlessly find and connect with ideal prospects.

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Utilize our 700M+ professional database, rigorously verified with advanced AI algorithms, to guarantee meaningful connections with high-potential buyers, maximizing your ROI and success.

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Refine your search for hidden treasures in our vast, AI-verified database. Type 'retailers' or relevant keywords to instantly access a curated list of ready-for-contact, high-potential leads in your specific industry.

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Is there a way I can try the platform and explore the available leads firsthand?

Yes, you can definitely try our platform and explore our leads firsthand. We offer a 14-day trial period where you can experience our user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities. Upon registration, you'll receive 30 free lead credits, allowing you to test our extensive database of verified B2B contacts and powerful lead generation tools. Our platform is engineered to boost your business's success, and we are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience throughout your trial.

What is the total number of available leads in your database?

Our database boasts an impressive collection of over 700 million verified B2B leads, all actively updated. These contacts are a key resource for propelling your business growth and reaching new heights.

How many leads can I export?

Skyrocket Leads Package: Each Month: 1.200 Quality Leads

Growth Leads Package: Each Month: 3.200 Quality Leads

Scale Leads Package: Each Month: 10,000 Quality Leads

You can easily increase this limit in your account settings anytime if you need more.

What filters can I use to search for my leads?

In your lead search, you can utilize our extensive range of filters to fine-tune your targeting. These include industry categories, specific keywords, job positions, company revenue, company size, professional titles, geographical location, and several other criteria, enabling you to precisely tailor your search for the ideal leads.

Are there any location restrictions for my search filters?

No, there are no location restrictions with our search filters. Our global cold email platform encompasses B2B leads from around the world, empowering you to explore potential opportunities in any region or country of your choice.

Do I need do any verification for the leads?

No additional verification is required on your part for the leads. Each lead provided through our platform has already undergone thorough verification and is ready for your email campaign. We have designed our system for maximum ease and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy a seamless, straightforward process from start to finish.

Are there discounts for yearly plans?

Yes! If you pay for a year in advance, you save 30% compared to paying per month. That means you get 12 months’ usage for the price of around 8 months.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can visit our 24/7 support center or feel free to contact us at our email - support@success.ai

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