Conversation management


Enhanced Slack customer support via smart assistant.


From $49/mo

Launch Date

February 11, 2021

Abbot is an AI tool that can help customer-facing teams in Slack to improve their customer experience. This programmable smart assistant monitors and manages shared Slack channels to reduce the time spent juggling notifications and searching through channels. Abbot can integrate with popular ticketing systems like Zendesk and GitHub, and can be trained on documentation to respond when a customer asks a question on how to do something. In addition, Abbot automatically tags conversations so that users can easily find relevant conversations, and it can provide automatic summarizations and suggested next steps based on what customers are talking about. Abbot can also run automations from Slack, and users can create and run their own custom scripts in C#, JavaScript, or Python. It comes in two pricing plans: Team and Enterprise. The Team Plan, which costs $49/month per agent, includes conversation monitoring and automated escalations, topic tagging, and activity dashboards and insights, while the more premium Enterprise Plan offers priority support, customizations, and additional integrations. Overall, Abbot aims to help teams stay on top of customer conversations, improve their responsiveness, and enhance the overall customer experience by automating repetitive tasks and providing easy access to relevant information and data.

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