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AI movie Club

Movies from auto scripts, text, images, and music.



Launch Date

October 14, 2022

AI-MOVIE CLUB is a social network that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create movies. The platform provides users with a variety of tools to help them generate their own movies, including AI-SCRIPT, AI-TEXT TO VOICES, AI-IMAGES, AI-MOVIE DEVELOPMENT, and AI-MUSIC. AI-SCRIPT enables users to create a movie title and paragraph which is then used to generate the script for the movie. AI-TEXT TO VOICES provides text-to-speech processing for the characters of the movie. AI-IMAGES uses text processing to obtain images and 3D objects. AI-MOVIE DEVELOPMENT combines all the input from the various tools to produce the movie. AI-MUSIC provides music for work and images produced by AI. The platform also offers a weekly newsletter, AI-TIMES, which provides news and insights on AI, as well as a variety of tips and hacks to help users with their movie development. AI-MOVIE CLUB also offers a free app for iOS and Android devices.

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