AI Toolbox for innovators

AI Toolbox for innovators

Fast problem prioritization and idea generation.



Launch Date

April 25, 2023

The AI Toolbox for innovators is a collection of free AI-powered tools that enables users to generate, test and pivot ideas quickly and easily. The toolbox includes a variety of tools, such as the Brainstorm Buddy, which generates new ideas to spark creativity, and the Opportunity Scores tool, which prioritizes problems to solve. Additionally, the toolbox offers a Future Scenario Writer that allows users to create custom-written future scenarios. The Personalized Advice tool provides users with tailored advice on strategy, without the expensive fees typically associated with consulting firms. The toolbox also includes the Personas Maker, which offers insights into target audiences, and the Research Brief tool that provides a clear and concise research fit for any big question or topic. Furthermore, the Interview Script tool enables users to generate tailored interview scripts to get valuable insights. The Problem Understanding Card offers insights into specific problems, and users can generate five different How Might We statements for each problem using the HMW Statements tool. The AI Toolbox for innovators is constantly expanding, with new tools being released weekly, giving users access to advanced AI tools that will help elevate their innovation process and bring their ideas to life. Brought to you by Board of Innovation, a global innovation firm that creates tomorrow’s products, services and businesses.

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