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Launch Date

April 14, 2023

The tool being described is an AI-powered video asset management platform called "一览运营宝- AI编剧". Its primary objective is to provide users with an all-encompassing solution to manage, store and create video content in a seamless and efficient manner. The platform offers a range of features, including video storage, tag management, video search, material management, portfolio management, cloud-based film review, project collaboration, content delivery, and data statistics. This makes it a versatile tool for anyone involved in short-video production, including video creators, filmmakers, and content creators.One of the most innovative features of this tool is its AI-powered scriptwriting functionality, which can be used to generate professional scripts by using its three-step process that includes creative generation, plot generation, and script generation. Additionally, the tool offers long and short video shooting capabilities, which makes it a compelling solution for those who want to combine their video production and management needs into one platform.Overall, this tool offers users a comprehensive and robust solution, making it a great choice for businesses or individuals who work with video content and want to streamline their workflow.

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