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Real-time brand predictions for Web 3.0.



Launch Date

March 21, 2023

Ojamu is an AI and blockchain-powered platform that provides intelligent solutions for brands to optimize their digital strategies and succeed in the Web 3.0 economy through real-time data-driven predictions across all digital channels. Ojamu has two main products: the B2B Intelligence Platform and the B2C Alpha Finder. The B2B Intelligence Platform provides brands with automated solutions for organic product marketing and generates new revenue streams in the NFT, blockchain gaming, and metaverse ecosystems. It utilizes proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms to optimize automated solutions for brand awareness, user acquisition, and retention. The B2C Alpha Finder is an AI-driven chatbot that scours Web2 and Web3 social channels and communities to provide individual users with in-depth insights and real-time data on cutting-edge topics in the cryptocurrency space. It adapts automatically to new and high traffic channels to continuously provide the latest and hottest alpha. The Ojamu platform unlocks Web3 revenue streams by using real-time data to predict optimal product placement, correlates existing correlations between Web2 and Web3 user insights and behavior, and provides Web3 trend predictions. Ojamu also provides spam bot detection, Web3 campaign automation, and NFT access pass through its OJA tokens. Ojamu is trusted by various blockchain companies and founders, and it has established partnerships with notable firms in the industry.

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