AnthemScore by Lunaverus
Music transcription

AnthemScore by Lunaverus

Music transcription and editing.


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March 25, 2023

AnthemScore is a software tool for automatic music transcription that converts audio files like MP3 and WAV into sheet music or guitar tab using AI technology. The software uses machine learning to detect notes and arrange them into measures. Automatic note detection makes the process faster and easy to use, allowing the user to add or remove notes by simply dragging a slider and letting the software pick the most likely candidates. The user can select any region and fine-tune it separately, add or remove single notes by right-clicking, and copy and paste sections of notes. AnthemScore also allows users to customize sheet music for different instruments, pick from a variety of different instruments to auto-format sheet music in the correct key, range, and staff, choose between standard sheet music or tablature, and save as PDF, musicXML, or MIDI. Advanced editing options are available to change the time signature, key signature or tempo for any measure in the song, add triplets, insert, or remove measures. AnthemScore offers three different versions; Lite, Professional, and Studio, each with varying levels of features, including automatic transcription, viewing, saving, and printing sheet music, audio playback, and editing tools. The free trial version of AnthemScore is available for 30 days, offering the full set of features, allowing users to test everything fully. After the trial period, the user can purchase and paste in an activation key to use the software forever. The free trial runs as the AnthemScore Professional edition, with users able to switch between Lite and Professional during the trial to see the differences between them.

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