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October 13, 2018

Article Forge is an AI content generator that automatically produces complete, high-quality, unique, and SEO-friendly articles in one click. It uses advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning models to research, plan, and write content about any topic. The generated article is 1,500+ words long and suitable for SEO as it is written in a way that Google's algorithms naturally love and rank. It is useful for businesses struggling to attract organic traffic to their website and for those who are in a highly competitive niche. The first step in developing an SEO strategy with Article Forge is to research the topics that your target audience searches. It provides keyword suggestions and related search terms to help you create an SEO strategy. Once you have a list of keywords, you can use them in your content to make your website more relevant to the users' interests. To make sure your content is optimized for Google's algorithms, use the same type of deep learning models to write content as Google does to evaluate content. Article Forge also provides link building techniques to attract relevant links to your site. By creating unique content, you can boost your chances of gaining links naturally. Links from reputable websites show your site's popularity and authority while links from low-quality domains still have value. A good link-building strategy should focus on high-quality domains that provide a unique value to visitors. Finally, you can use an SEO competitor analysis to track your competitors' strategies and tactics. It helps you stay ahead of the competition and increase the performance of your website. Article Forge provides all the features you need to create an effective SEO strategy and improve your website's rankings.

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