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Launch Date

May 9, 2023

Assembo is an AI-powered tool that generates high-quality marketing images in just a few minutes for a starting price of $16.99. The tool has already produced over 30,000 images for its users. Its main aim is to create marketing photos that are viral and eye-catching. Assembo provides two different services; the first is product images for e-commerce platforms and the second is lifestyle photos for social media. Users can upload images of their products and the tool will place them in the best possible scenarios for Amazon, Shopify, Oretsy, and other such platforms. As for lifestyle photos, the tool uses AI-generated human or pet models to fit the user's requirements and provide 2 premium photos for only $199. Several satisfied users have provided positive feedback, describing the tool as "insane" and "amazing". Assembo has saved users time and money by generating top-notch images that showcase their products. The tool offers prompt options to generate photos, such as 'Chair in a minimalistic living room with windows and plants in the background' or 'Drink on a beach with blue sky and ocean in the background'. Assembo is available in English and Chinese languages and offers exclusive discounts and updates to its users via its Discord server and email newsletter.

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