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Contextual assistant for personalized command execution.



Launch Date

June 13, 2023

BashSenpai is a terminal assistant tool that uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to provide context-specific answers to users' queries without leaving the terminal, enabling them to execute ready-to-use commands. The tool also provides a unique AI feature of self-reflection that improves the quality of answers provided. By bringing ChatGPT to the terminal, BashSenpai gives users the convenience of getting answers with context. The tool allows users to personalize their assistant by choosing from an array of personalities such as an angry pirate, depressed teenager, and little energetic anime girl, among others. Users can ask queries such as "How do I start a Docker container with my_image?" and get a command in response. For instance, BashSenpai can give the path to a CUDA folder using a command like "echo $CUDA_HOME" or search for a directory named "cuda" with "sudo find / -name 'cuda' -type d 2>/dev/null." BashSenpai offers a 30-day free trial, which users can sign up for without requiring a credit card. After the free trial, the tool costs $5 per month. BashSenpai also has a blog, documentation, contacts, and social media links. The tool enhances users' terminal game by providing relevant and contextual answers without leaving the terminal.

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