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Launch Date

March 18, 2023

BotX is an AI development tool that provides low-code solutions to develop custom AI services. The tool promises to reduce the typical development time of AI projects from months to a few weeks by leveraging its low-code approach. The tool aims to help businesses achieve a quick return on investment for their AI projects and to enable confidence to scale up the projects with ease. BotX's technical features and functionalities are not explicitly mentioned in the given text, but based on the brief information, it can be inferred that BotX could be a versatile tool that allows developers to create and deploy custom AI applications without writing extensive code. The tool enables businesses to leverage AI services rapidly, even if they do not have in-house AI expertise or resources. BotX claims to offer an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to explore and incorporate AI technologies. The given text also mentions that BotX is powered by Cookiebot, which suggests that the tool is enhanced with robust security measures to protect user data privacy.

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