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August 18, 2022

AI Writer - Brain Pod AI is an AI tool that can generate different types of text content, from articles to social media updates, on almost any topic. It is powered by Violet, an intelligent writing AI that writes high-quality content up to 10 times faster than humans. Additionally, the tool comes with an AI image generator built-in, allowing users to create stunning graphics for their content. The AI SEO mode of the tool is also available, providing users with an easy way to optimize their content for search engines. The tool is designed to streamline the content creation process, generating thousands of articles in just a few clicks, and being able to post them automatically without leaving the dashboard. Brain Pod AI promises to provide a full-service AI tool with workflows, templates, and a document editor with multiple modes, making the tool versatile and flexible. The AI Writer is cost-effective, allowing users to save up to 87% on subscription costs compared to top competitors. The tool also offers a flexible payment option, pay-as-you-go, enabling users to use AI services only when needed. Overall, AI Writer - Brain Pod AI is a powerful and efficient tool for creating engaging and high-quality text content. It's ideal for content creators, companies, and businesses that need to produce content quickly, effectively and stay ahead of the competition.

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