Create web apps without coding from text descriptions.


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April 12, 2023

Bricabrac AI is an AI-powered custom app generator that enables users to create web-based tools, games and apps without any coding knowledge. The tool works through a natural language processing technology, GPT-4, which creates fully-functional web apps from a user's text description. Once the user submits a description, the tool generates a web app with a clean and responsive user interface, and allows them to make any necessary tweaks using a no-code editor. Bricabrac AI offers a range of plans, including a free plan that allows users to generate six apps per month and provides free hosting and code export functionalities. The tool also offers a Power Plan that allows users to generate up to 102 AI generations per month and provides unlimited free hosting, unlimited code export, and the ability to cancel at any time. In addition, Bricabrac AI has a feature that lets users share their apps with others by hosting them on the tool's gallery. The gallery feature allows others to remix the apps and export the code, making it an excellent tool for collaborative app development. However, this feature is still in beta, along with other features like using external libraries, native apps, and storing and authenticating user data. Overall, Bricabrac AI is a powerful and user-friendly tool that significantly reduces the time and cost of developing custom web apps. With its AI-powered generator and no-code editor functionalities, it's an excellent choice for users looking to create their own apps without any coding knowledge.

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