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May 10, 2023

Bugasura is an AI-powered bug tracker developed for modern technology teams to streamline the reporting, tracking, and closing of bugs. It is designed as an efficient alternative to project management tools like JIRA and Google Sheets that do not cater to the specific needs of bug tracking and development. The tool is focused on enhancing team productivity and helping teams close bugs faster by using generative AI to report similar bugs and provide clutter-free visual detailed bug reports. With automatic assignees, customizable workflows, and a public/private tracker link, the tool offers the capability to manage sprints, collaborate effectively with stakeholder teams, and organize data efficiently. Additionally, Bugasura provides simple plug-and-play integrations with other software tools like JIRA, GitHub, Slack, Asana, and Zendesk, and offers add-ons like Chrome extension and Android reporter.Bugasura claims to have a young user base of over 22,000 customers from 25+ countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, and the United States. The tool provides essential features like a savings meter that tracks productivity, reduced tech debt, and reduced costs. Also, it has several resources available, including its blog, release notes, and privacy and security policy. In summary, Bugasura provides an AI-powered issue tracker that simplifies the bug tracking process, enhances team collaboration, and streamlines workflows to help teams ship quality technology faster.

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