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Launch Date

April 26, 2023

BurnerPage is an AI-based platform that automates copy and content optimization for web pages. It helps businesses boost their page performance and increase revenue by leveraging the power of Generative AI. The platform uses AI to show different page variants to visitors and measures which variant performs the best. It can even generate new variants while it learns, providing constant optimization around the clock. BurnerPage's AI technology can deliver a performance impact of more than 10% for customers and also improves conversion performance, resulting in reduced ad spend. With BurnerPage, businesses can leave the details of page optimization to the platform. The AI algorithms use data learning to perform the heavy lifting and provide deep customer insight reports. The user-friendly dashboard compiles experiment learnings into useful reports that can be shared with colleagues. Businesses simply need to provide an existing page URL from their website and let the platform do the rest.BurnerPage's automated platform helps businesses get ahead of the competition and avoid dropping leads. It maximizes a website's potential using AI-driven insights and supercharges page performance with automation. The platform's deep customer insight reports provide valuable data that businesses can use to optimize their website further. With BurnerPage, businesses can quickly and easily optimize their web pages, capture more visitors, and increase revenue.

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