Build custom apps without coding.



Launch Date

March 27, 2023

Buzzy AI is a no-code platform powered by generative AI that allows users to turn their app ideas into a fully functioning web or mobile application alongside high-quality Figma designs in a matter of minutes. The platform is available to individuals through a waitlist. Buzzy's generative AI technology eliminates the need for coding skills and allows non-technical founders to leverage the power of AI to build custom apps and websites. Buzzy’s easy-to-use platform supports the creation of highly sophisticated applications, enabling users to describe their ideas in plain English and have them turned into full-fledged apps without limitations. No coding is required to create a wide variety of apps using Buzzy's technology. The platform's value proposition is aimed at delivering projects in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional development methods, which is a game-changer for a wide range of businesses, including startups looking for rapid MVP validation. Buzzy's solution unlocks endless possibilities for users and transforms the way we create, connect, and impact our world. Feedback from experts in the field is positive, with people stating that generative AI will change the way MVP validation is done in the future, and the ability to deliver in a fraction of the time is adding tremendous value to their clients. Companies and individuals interested in using Buzzy's AI-powered platform can sign up through the waitlist to access this innovative technology.

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