Cape GPT

Cape GPT

Add capabilities to ChatGPT.



Launch Date

March 27, 2023

The Cape GPT Chrome extension offers users a range of features to enhance their chat-GPT experience. These features include speech-to-text capability, the ability to read out answers, OCR functionality, a search engine feature, an API feature, a notes feature, a reply feature, and a download feature. The extension is designed to make interactions more interactive and engaging than with the standard typing interface of chat-GPT. The developer provides a tutorial and support section to help users troubleshoot any issues they encounter. The extension offers tips and tricks to maximize its use, such as using the "" URL in private API servers to use the API tool and setting "ask me before download" in the browser to save and download files in a specific directory. In the event of any disruptions or problems, users can simply reload the page to resolve the issue. The Cape GPT extension is compatible with the Chrome browser and available on Chrome Web Store. The developer has disclosed that user data is not being sold to third parties and that it is not being used for purposes unrelated to the item's core functionality. Reviews for the extension are available, although they have not been verified by Google.

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