Data analysis & coding

Creates or edits apps with natural language queries.


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May 27, 2023 is an AI tool that offers autopilot for coding, automated dependency installation and can create or edit apps across any platform or language seamlessly. It offers natural language to SQL feature, which enables direct database integration and natural language querying, making it an excellent hassle-free BI tool for data exportation. Conducting data analytics is more accessible through plain English to any chart conversion feature. Most importantly, data privacy is guaranteed as data is never sent anywhere. The tool also provides a Better ChatGPT experience, allowing users to upload multi-file and large files, access web pages, and use speech to text functionality while enjoying a more optimized chat GPT experience. is priced in a monthly plan for as low as $5 per month, but a free version is also available. The free version requires your OpenAI API key. The app is still in beta, and users are required to use it at their own risk.Overall, provides automation and integration advantages for programmers, allowing the creation of apps across different platforms and languages where users can code from start to finish using only natural language. It also offers features that simplify data analytics and privacy.

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