Chatty: AI Assistant

Chatty: AI Assistant

Assisted writing and consulting across domains.


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Launch Date

March 30, 2023

Chatty is an AI assistant powered by GPT-4 technologies that helps with writing tasks, as well as providing instant answers to different queries. With advanced content writing abilities, Chatty can generate high-quality written content on a wide range of topics, including blog posts, stories, essays, and reports. Chatty also acts as an expert in different fields such as nutrition, health, finance, and technology, providing advice on specific topics and help in completing specific tasks.In addition to providing assistance in writing and consulting, Chatty has different features that include generating lyrics of a song for any music genre, acting as a Historian, a Midjourney Prompt Generator, a Chief Executive Officer, a Chef to provide recipes, a Travel Guide, a Cyber Security Specialist, and a Movie Critic among others.Chatty offers different pricing plans, with a basic version that is free and powered by GPT-3.5 Turbo, providing five trials per day, higher word limit, and no ads. While Chatty Pro, which is powered by GPT-4, offers unlimited questions and answers, no ads, and higher word limit. Chatty Pro is available in weekly, monthly, and yearly pricing plans.Overall, Chatty is a helpful AI assistant that combines advanced content writing abilities with professional consulting in different fields, making it a useful tool for students, professionals, and anyone who needs assistance in writing and consulting.

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