Boosted chess game using interactive chatbot.



Launch Date

February 16, 2023

ChessGPT is an AI tool that combines natural language processing and chess-playing algorithms to create a chess-playing chatbot. By engaging in conversation, users can play chess against ChessGPT, which has been trained on a large dataset of chess games and can now beat most human players. Additionally, ChessGPT has recently evolved and integrated with Stockfish, which has an ELO rating of 249, making it an even more formidable opponent. In order to play, users must have sound on, as the audio track is required for this version of ChessGPT. Headphones are recommended for users who do not wish to disturb those around them. The tool nurtures interaction and engagement through fun, interactive gameplay, and makes for an enjoyable chess experience. For chess enthusiasts looking for a challenging opponent with advanced artificial intelligence, ChessGPT may be a great option. In addition, the tool may be particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their chess game, as playing against a more advanced player can often help to identify flaws and weaknesses in one's own game. Overall, ChessGPT is a unique and innovative tool that provides a new way to experience chess gameplay.

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