ChessGPT Atomic

ChessGPT Atomic

Played online chess game against a bot.



Launch Date

April 20, 2023

ChessGPT is a simple website that allows users to play chess against ChatGPT, a conversational AI language model developed by OpenAI. Developed by atomic14, ChessGPT is a plugin that can be used in ChatGPT sessions for playing chess. However, since not many people have access to plugins, atomic14 developed this simple website to make it easier for anyone to play chess against ChatGPT. Users can copy and paste the moves into a ChatGPT session or paste an APIKey in if they have API access. The game is entirely client-side, making it safe to use. The website uses GPT-3.5, an older version of OpenAI's language model for generating responses, and atomic14 mentions that the game would be better with GPT-4, a more advanced version yet to be released by OpenAI. The code for the plugin is also available on Github for anyone interested in exploring it further. The website is simple and accessible, providing an intriguing look at how conversational AI can be used for gaming purposes. Besides playing chess against ChatGPT, atomic14's Youtube channel and Patreon page are also promoted on the website, encouraging users to contribute if they enjoy the game. ChessGPT could be an exciting tool for AI enthusiasts looking to explore the intersection of gaming and AI.

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