Article writing

Personalized article recommendations based on research.



Launch Date

May 27, 2023

Chord is an AI tool that provides personalized recommendations based on a user's interests. The tool finds and watches relevant YouTube videos related to a user's chosen topic and then synthesizes its research into a personalized article. Chord uses AI to vet and authenticate sources and composes final articles to make sources easier to understand as a body. The tool's editors touch up popular articles to ensure quality. Additionally, Chord is a free platform and allows users to decide if the articles they generate are associated with their account. There is a privacy toggle available on the user's profile, and articles are by default made public. Chord does not accept advertiser or affiliate money. Overall, Chord seeks to provide transparent, organic recommendations to its users through personalized articles that are informed by AI-processed research. Its focus on authenticity and the exclusion of advertiser or affiliate money set Chord apart in the space of AI tools.

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