Clippy Eesl

Clippy Eesl

Humorous Q&A virtual assistant.



Launch Date

March 27, 2023

"Chat with (a kinda rude) Clippy" is an AI tool that allows users to engage in text conversations with a virtual assistant called Clippy. Clippy is a computer program that offers assistance with various tasks, such as organizing work and providing responses to user queries. The tool is designed to replicate the iconic Clippy character from Microsoft Office, which features a paperclip-shaped character that helps users with their documents.This tool is built using a tiny GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) wrapper over two open-source libraries, namely clippy.js and winXP. Clippy.js is a JavaScript library that animates the Clippy character, while winXP is a Windows XP emulator that provides a retro look and feel to the user interface. These two libraries are combined with an AI model to offer a unique chatbot experience. Users can interact with Clippy by typing messages into the chat window. However, the character has a reputation for being rude and sarcastic, adding a bit of humor to the conversation. Overall, the tool offers a light-hearted and nostalgia-inducing experience for users seeking to engage with an AI chatbot.

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