ChatGPT for spreadsheets


Visualized spreadsheet data analysis.


From $49/mo

Launch Date

June 2, 2023

GPT Copilot by Coefficient is a set of AI tools that integrate with Google Sheets to help users connect and analyze their data faster and more efficiently. The tool allows users to pull live data from various business systems, such as Salesforce, Shopify, and Tableau, using text instructions. With GPT Copilot, users can also chat with GPT directly from their spreadsheets using the GPTX() family of spreadsheet functions, and even auto-generate powerful formulas, pivots, and charts using simple English instructions. Additionally, GPT Copilot intelligently analyzes any table and generates beautiful and insightful charts with the most valuable trends. GPT Copilot aims to enhance productivity and streamline data analysis for its users. It unlocks GPT use cases across industry news, competitor blogs, market trends, customer reviews, and social media analytics, among others. With live web data and chat GPT data combined, GPT Copilot aims to offer a comprehensive set of insights and connect data in the easiest and most flexible way possible. Coefficient’s AI Copilot combines historical and real-time data, allowing users to build the reports and dashboards they need effortlessly. The tool offers a waitlist for early access to Coefficient’s AI tools, and the website also includes a catalog of integrations, product overview, pricing, data security, and customer stories for users to explore.

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