Color palette generation


Designer color palettes generated w/ previews.



Launch Date

May 18, 2023

ColourGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to help users generate, preview and copy beautiful colour palettes quickly and easily. With the help of ChatGPT, this tool is designed to make the process of selecting and creating colour palettes a smoother and more intuitive experience. Users can seamlessly generate palettes based on a desired colour and preview them in a range of formats, including hex codes, RGB, and HSL. ColourGPT is an efficient and time-saving solution for marketers, designers, and developers, who can use the tool to create visually appealing colour schemes for their projects. The AI technology behind this tool provides precision in colour selection and helps streamline the decision-making process for users. In addition to generating colour palettes, ColourGPT also provides users with the option to copy the generated colour codes, making it easier to incorporate them into their designs. Overall, ColourGPT offers a practical and user-friendly solution for anyone looking to create visually engaging colour palettes for their projects. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI technology, it is a valuable tool for users who want to streamline their design process and create polished and professional looking designs.

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