Concept maps

Collaborative concept mapping for enhanced learning.



Launch Date

May 31, 2023

ConceptMap.AI is a tool that allows individuals or groups to create interactive concept maps using artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in the brainstorming and learning process. This tool provides users with the ability to collaborate with others by sharing their maps and gathering inputs to collectively learn more effectively. By leveraging the power of AI, ConceptMap.AI enhances the user's learning journey with engaging and interactive features. The tool is designed to be an effective learning aid for individuals and groups, allowing them to discover new insights and connections between various concepts. ConceptMap.AI is developed by, which provides users with an easy and user-friendly interface to create and edit their maps. To access the tool, users will need to sign up for a free account and login. The tool provides users with a visual representation of their concepts, making it easy for them to understand complex relationships between different ideas. In summary, ConceptMap.AI is an innovative AI-powered tool that enhances the traditional concept mapping process to provide users with a powerful, interactive learning experience. The tool is easy to use, and users can collaborate to gain insights and new perspectives on complex concepts.

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