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May 28, 2023 is an AI chatbot creation tool that allows businesses to train their own chatbots using their website and documentation content. The tool leverages ChatGPT technology to provide accurate and contextually relevant search results, with the ability to respond to natural language, complex or ambiguous queries. is designed to streamline knowledge management processes, empower customers, and cut support costs for businesses. It has various use cases, such as reducing support ticket volumes instantly, responding to queries based on knowledge-base, and automating with 24x7 multilingual customer support. The tool offers several useful features, such as AI-powered search, integration with existing knowledge base systems, usage and analytics monitoring, optimization of AI's response, and the ability to train across multiple URLs. also offers the option to embed the chatbot onto a website, allowing users to chat with the website and documents easily. Businesses can fine-tune the chatbot's responses based on their organization's guidelines and preferences, and it is effortless to integrate the secure and reliable API. Users can collect feedback from customers to optimize the search engine accordingly. is a suitable solution for businesses that want to use AI-powered chat search to empower their developers and reduce support costs for their customers. It offers all the necessary features to create a chatbot that can interact with customers and address their queries in real-time, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success.

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