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July 7, 2023

Donovan is an AI-powered decision platform specifically designed for defense operators. The tool aims to assist operators in understanding, planning, and taking actions within minutes instead of weeks. Donovan leverages AI technology to process and synthesize extensive structured and unstructured data. It enables government users to make sense of real-world data efficiently using simple natural language.The platform offers a trial version exclusively for verified U.S. government employees. During the trial, users can search a sample of pre-loaded open-source national security and government data sets using Scale's platform. Donovan requires no training for government users to utilize its search capabilities. The tool can handle classified or unclassified network datasets, providing users with a glimpse into the experience of applying Scale's technology to their own custom datasets.Furthermore, Donovan offers several preloaded data sets for users to explore. These include technical reports on emerging technologies from China, counternarcotics documents related to trafficking operations, technical research reports in Mandarin, cloud environment management documents, and public assessments of Chinese military capabilities from various authoritative sources.The terms and conditions associated with Scale AI Donovan state that access and use of the software and services are subject to the terms of Scale's Main Services Agreement. The trial is not intended for US Government production data or official purposes. Scale offers additional solutions for supporting demonstrations with Agency-specific US government data.

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