Dynaboard AI

Dynaboard AI

Generates code and designs UI for software development.



Launch Date

May 24, 2023

Dynaboard AI is a suite of AI functionalities aimed at accelerating the process of building custom, production-grade software. The tool offers developers three key features, including UI generation, code generation, and code refactoring, which enable developers to design, develop, and deploy software within a few minutes using natural language. With Dynaboard AI, developers can generate TypeScript/JavaScript, SQL, and CSS in any code or query editor. Dynaboard AI is also designed to allow developers to create interactive UI components effortlessly. By typing prompts into the command bar, developers can create data-rich forms with automatically configured components. Dynaboard AI also generates charts, tables, and dropdowns that link to PostgreSQL, MySQL, or BigQuery databases. The tool enables developers to add interactivity with generated filters, which can be used to filter charts and tables based on the dropdown input. Dynaboard AI is context-aware of the developers' pages, functions, components, and database schema and allows users to modify existing apps easily. The tool provides a seamless experience and is easy to use for both new and experienced developers. Dynaboard AI aims to tackle many more time-consuming aspects of app development, including kickstarting development of large apps, maintaining documentation, and fixing bugs. Dynaboard AI is accessible on the Dynaboard editor and provides a free trial for users. Developers can share their feedback with the tool using the up- and down-vote feature in the editor or via Twitter.

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