Generates witty podcasts on news and research.



Launch Date

May 11, 2023

Earkind is an AI tool that generates podcasts with a focus on Artificial Intelligence news, research paper dives, and joke attempts. The tool promises to keep listeners entertained with its commentary on AI topics. The first show available on the website is called "GPT Reviews," featuring host Giovani Pete Tizzano, an AI follower, and collaborators Robert, an often unimpressed analyst, and Belinda, an all-around witty research expert. Earkind aims to provide AI-generated podcasts that do not bore listeners to death. The platform is available on popular podcast listening apps such as Spotify, Amazon music, and Apple podcasts. Feedback is encouraged, and users can contact the tool's creators at sergi@earkind.com. The website uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and analyze traffic. Information about the user's use of the site is shared with Google. However, the website provides an option to learn more about its cookie policy if the user wants to know more.Overall, Earkind is an AI tool that produces podcasts based on AI-related topics, providing commentary and insights that cater to those interested in AI news and research. The platform aims to offer entertaining content that is enjoyable to listen to while being informative.

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