eCommerce ChatGPT Prompts

eCommerce ChatGPT Prompts

Created eCommerce content with prompts.



Launch Date

February 15, 2023

ChatGPT Prompts is an AI-powered tool that helps eCommerce marketers create ready-made content in minutes. It provides access to over 2 million pre-built prompts for all eCommerce marketing needs, including homepage headlines, collection titles, product titles and descriptions, page meta titles and descriptions, email subject lines and content, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, browser notifications, app notifications, ad captions and copy, and social media page descriptions. It has up to 10 prompt personalization parameters, such as content type, industry, framework, positioning, holidays, offers, channels and more, allowing users to easily customize the prompts to their specific needs. ChatGPT Prompts also features a generator that can create a prompt for users and generate the corresponding output within 10-15 seconds. This makes it an ideal tool for busy eCommerce marketers who need high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

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