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Platform for managing online store returns.



Launch Date

March 30, 2023

EcoReturns is an AI-powered Shopify Returns App that automates the returns process efficiently. It is designed for online store owners to simplify the returns procedure and reduce costs associated with returns. EcoReturns uses AI to improve returns management by assessing reasons for returns and finding patterns to reduce future returns. It also offers fraud detection features to prevent abuse of returns policies. The app can be used to customize and automate returns handling, email notifications, and automatic refunds. EcoReturns can manage various types of returns, including exchanges, replacements, and refunds. EcoReturns is a part of the Saara Inc - AI-Powered Software for eCommerce Returns Solution, which offers additional solutions to help online-store owners with customer retention, customer acquisition, and returns fraud prevention. EcoReturns provides solutions for all types of online stores, including enterprises. It is available for both Shopify and Woocommerce platforms. The users can consult for free and request a demo to experience the benefits of EcoReturns. The app is considered the #1 AI-powered Shopify Returns App and has been featured on Product Hunt. Overall, EcoReturns is a time-saving and cost-effective solution for online store owners to efficiently manage returns while providing an enhanced customer experience.

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