Code debugging


Automated code error identification and resolution.



Launch Date

July 5, 2023

flo is a command-line interface (CLI) tool designed to prevent users from encountering errors during their coding process. With the aim of enhancing user experience, this tool scans your codebase and effectively identifies errors, providing guidance and solutions to resolve them. Eliminating the need for time-consuming manual error detection, flo streamlines the coding experience by automating this process. This tool is easily accessible and can be installed via npm, making it a convenient addition to your development workflow. Its functionality extends beyond error identification, as it also offers suggestions and recommendations on how best to solve the detected errors. By relying on flo, developers can save valuable time by quickly pinpointing and addressing issues within their codebase. Furthermore, the open-source nature of the tool allows for community contributions and improvements, ensuring its ongoing development and enhancement. With its user-centric approach and its commitment to minimizing coding errors, flo empowers developers to build more reliable and efficient software.

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