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July 6, 2023

GPTFlow is an AI chatbot tool that is designed to optimize spending and increase conversions for businesses. It offers a customized chatbot experience tailored to the specific information of the company. By integrating GPTFlow into their websites, businesses can enhance engagement and improve interaction experience with visitors while also reducing customer care costs.The tool boasts an "always-on" feature and is capable of handling an average of 95% of customer requests. For those it cannot handle, it forwards the requests to the business for further assistance. GPTFlow also helps decrease site abandonment rates by up to 20%, ensuring that visitors stay engaged and satisfied.In terms of customer service, GPTFlow provides 24/7 assistance to customers, allowing businesses to be available round-the-clock. It is also GDPR compliant, ensuring that data processing aligns with regulations.With GPTFlow, businesses have the freedom to create custom chatbots and embed them on any website. The tool integrates with various platforms such as Joomla, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Kajabi, and Weebly, making it versatile and adaptable to different website setups.Implementing GPTFlow is a straightforward process, with businesses needing to create an account, provide their website link or company information, and add GPTFlow to their site. The tool includes an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, providing easy access to view all chats on the website and offering a personalized widget.GPTFlow offers different subscription plans depending on the level of traffic a website receives, starting from a free trial period to monthly and annual plans. Additionally, for enterprises with custom needs and high volume website traffic, GPTFlow offers an Enterprise plan with unlimited chatbots and private technical support.

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