Poster studio

Poster studio

Maximized ad ROI & engagement via creative generation.



Launch Date

June 30, 2023

Poster Studio is an AI-powered tool that aims to maximize return on investment (ROI) for ad and social creatives. It enables users to effortlessly generate captivating ads, resulting in remarkable growth in conversions, engagement, and brand loyalty. Using AI, the tool offers seamless ad generation by allowing users to input their brand details, select creative formats, and import images. The AI engine behind Poster Studio is trained using a vast collection of social media designs from its parent organization. Through real-time collection and training, the AI continuously learns to create unique creatives from scratch. The tool incorporates a proprietary creative scoring engine, which scores creatives based on previous conversions. Additionally, it uses a proprietary trained Chat GPT to create content for the creatives. Poster Studio offers features such as generating conversion-focused creatives with unlimited variations in a minute, producing high-quality poster messaging with a Chat GPT-powered custom creative messaging generator, and utilizing AI-powered product placement/background removal technology for efficient product promotion. The tool supports platform-independent ads on popular platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With Poster Studio, users can experience faster creative turnaround times, increased social click-through rates (CTR), and optimized cross-platform marketing performance. The tool aims to elevate brand impact by enhancing engagement, simplifying the creative process, and delivering exceptional results. In summary, Poster Studio revolutionizes the way creatives are created, providing a powerful AI-driven solution for impactful and effective ad campaigns.

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