Communication improvement


Storytelling aid with persuasive speech guidance.



Launch Date

July 7, 2023

Verble is an AI speech-writing assistant designed to help users master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling. It serves as a professional speechwriter and public speaking coach, offering guidance and support throughout the speech-writing process. The tool starts by engaging users in a chat and asking targeted questions to help them organize their thoughts and understand their audience and message. After the chat, Verble transforms these thoughts into a clear and organized draft, eliminating the need to start from a blank page. Verble's smart editing mode incorporates techniques used by successful speakers, allowing users to refine their speeches and make them stand out. The tool understands the nuances between different types of speeches and provides tailored guidance to help users tailor their message accordingly. Unlike traditional in-person coaching, Verble is available anytime and anywhere, making it convenient for users to access the tool whenever they need assistance, without the need for scheduling or travel. The tool has received positive feedback from various professionals, including an ENT surgeon, a VC investor, and a CEO, who have found Verble valuable in transforming complex concepts into engaging presentations, nailing investor pitches, and sparking new ideas during preparation.Overall, Verble is a user-friendly and innovative tool that aims to help users express themselves effectively and with confidence in various speaking engagements, whether it's a business pitch, a keynote address, or a wedding speech.

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