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10 Business Email Examples: Templates and Best Practices

Email is the most common way people communicate at work. That's why it's important to be good at writing clear business emails.Many professionals struggle when they have to write emails for different reasons. Some look online for examples, while others use templates that are already made to reply to everyday situations.
Hilda Bahringer

Email is the most common way people communicate at work. That's why it's important to be good at writing clear business emails.Many professionals struggle when they have to write emails for different reasons. Some look online for examples, while others use templates that are already made to reply to everyday situations.

Email marketing is also a crucial aspect of modern business communication, where companies reach out to potential customers or engage with existing ones through targeted email campaigns.

If you find it hard to write a follow-up email and spend too much time trying to make it perfect, we have ten examples and templates to help you out. But first, let's review the basics.

What is a Business Email?

An important way to talk to people properly is through a business email. You can get in touch with the right people at the right time. It can be used to welcome a new customer, set up a meeting, answer a question, or thank a customer for their business.

Any email is a business email if it's well-written, has a clear goal, and is sent to someone who has a reason to know about it. This is what makes an email a business email:

  • Professional Tone: Business emails sound polite and serious to make sure people take them seriously.
  • A Clear Goal: Every business email has a clear goal, like giving information, asking for an answer, or starting a deal.
  • Organization: Most business emails have a subject line, a friendly welcome, the main message, and a formal closing.
  • Timeliness: Emails for business are often about things that need to be done quickly and are very important.
  • Record Keeping: Business emails are written records of business talks. There are times when this can help you remember things and understand what was said.Ā 
What is a Business Email?

10 Business Email Examples

Here are 10 helpful email templates for business situations. It's important to write good emails to seem skilled and convince the reader to take action. Since people can't see your face, the words you use are really important.Ā 

These templates can guide you through different work settings, making sure your emails are clear, brief, and effective.

1. Professional Introduction Email

Introduction email template

2. Event Follow-Up Email

Follow-up email template

With Success.aiā€™s email outreach tool, tracking and managing these follow-ups becomes very easy. You can schedule them, personalize them, and ensure they're as effective as possible.Ā 

3. Professional Email Appreciating the Customer

3. Professional Email Appreciating the Customer

4. Formal survey email

4. Formal survey email

5. Thank you email

5. Thank you email

Thank you emails can be unique because they depend on the situation. You might be thanking a new customer, a regular client, or someone you're partnering with within the business. It's important to adjust your email to fit the situation you're in.

6. Event invite email

6. Event invite email

7. Guest post outreach email

7. Guest post outreach email

8. Affiliate partnership email

8. Affiliate partnership email

9. Products/services pitch email

Products pitch email template

10. Client onboarding email

Client onboarding email template

Business Email Best Practices

Sending professional letters is important when you're speaking at work or with clients. If you're writing a cold email for the first time, there are some things you can do to make it more effective.

First, make sure your email has a clear goal. You want the reader to take action, so your message should be strong and to the point.Ā 

Here are 6 important tips for writing good business emails:

1. Catchy Subject Line

Your subject line is super important because it's the first thing people see when they get your mail. So, make it catchy and interesting! You want them to feel curious and excited to open it. You could mention something cool, like a special deal or a new feature they'll love.

That way, they'll be more likely to click and see what you have to say. A good subject line can make all the difference in getting your mail noticed and opened.

Our AI email writer tool can help in crafting attention-grabbing subject lines that ensure that your messages not only get opened but also leave a lasting impact.

1. Catchy Subject Line

2. Personalization

Avoid writing generic texts to a lot of people. Personalize your message to make the receiver feel special and involved. When you tailor your messages to the individual recipient, they are more likely to engage with your email and take action.

Personalization can include addressing the recipient by name, referencing past interactions or specific details about their business, and highlighting how your product or service can meet their unique needs.

This extra effort shows that you value their time and are genuinely interested in building a meaningful relationship.

3. Keep It Short and ValuableĀ 

When you send emails, keep them brief and easy to understand. Tell the person exactly what you need them to do, whether it's buying something or visiting a website. Use clear buttons or links in your mail to make it simple for them to take action.

Clear instructions help the receiver know what to do next without confusion. If you want them to sign up for an event, for example, include a button that says "Register Now" which takes them directly to the sign-up page. This makes it easy for them to follow through on your request.

3. Keep It Short and ValuableĀ 

4. Avoid Irrelevant Information

In the future, simplicity will be key in sales automation. Companies will focus on using only the necessary information and avoiding overwhelming customers.

Instead of bombarding them with too much in one go, businesses will send shorter, more focused messages or direct customers to websites for further details. This approach respects the customer's time and makes the sales process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

5. Clear Call-To-Action

Including a clear call to action is the same as giving directions to someone. You want to make sure they know what to do next after reading your email.

For example, if you're asking a question, let them know you're waiting for their response. If you're suggesting a meeting, tell them to pick a time that works best. Or if you need feedback, ask them to share their thoughts.

Being clear about what you want helps avoid confusion and keeps the conversation moving forward smoothly.

6. Target your Audience

If you're writing a group of people, make sure they're the right audience for your message. You can use division to send tailored emails to specific groups.

You can use our lead finder tool to detect the right people, as it will make sure the people you're contacting are genuinely interested and responsive, so you can put your energy into making your emails better, knowing that you're connecting with the right audience.

By following these methods, you can write effective business emails that get results.Ā 

6. Target your Audience


In the bustling world of business communications, mastering the art of sending electronic mail is a valuable skill that can open doors to success. With the diverse array of email formats and best practices laid out in this guide, you're equipped to craft emails that hit the mark every time.

Whether you're writing formal emails or getting straight to the point with bullet points, remember to double-check before hitting send.

So, next time you open your email inbox, put these tips into action and watch as your messages resonate with clarity and professionalism. With each type of email you send, you'll find yourself becoming a master of effective communication in no time.

Our Success.aiā€™s tools will help your business to make the process much easier as we have everything you need for your email marketing to work well.

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