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Email Coupons: Types, Best Practices, and Everything You Need to Know

Email coupons have revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers. They provide a direct and personalized way to offer discounts, promotions, and incentives to encourage purchases. 
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Email coupons have revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers. They provide a direct and personalized way to offer discounts, promotions, and incentives to encourage purchases. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the different types of email coupons, best practices for effective implementation, and everything else you need to know to leverage this powerful marketing tool.

Types of Email Coupons

These are special offers sent to your email inbox, like discounts, free shipping, or buy-one-get-one deals, to save money when shopping online or in-store. They're like digital tickets that give you discounts or perks when you use them at checkout.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are one of the most common types of email coupons. They offer a percentage or fixed amount off the total purchase price. 

Types of Email Coupons

These coupons can be applied to specific products or entire orders, making them versatile for various marketing strategies. Customers love getting discounts because it helps them save money and get a better deal on their purchases. 

With discount coupons, businesses can attract more customers, encourage them to make a purchase, and increase sales. 

So, including discount coupons in your abandoned cart emails can be a powerful way to entice customers to come back and complete their purchase.

Percentage-based Discounts

Percentage-based discounts offer a certain percentage off the total purchase price. For example, "Get 20% off your next purchase." These coupons are effective for enticing customers to make a purchase by providing them with immediate savings. 

Customers love percentage-based discounts because they can see exactly how much they're saving right away. It's like getting a sweet deal without having to wait for a sale. 

Plus, the bigger the discount, the more tempted customers are to buy, making it a win-win for both businesses and shoppers. 

So, next time you see a percentage-based discount in your inbox, don't hesitate to take advantage of the savings!

Fixed Amount Discounts

Fixed amount discounts offer a specific dollar amount off the total purchase price. For example, "Save $10 on your next order." These coupons can be appealing, especially for customers who prefer knowing the exact amount they'll save. 

They're straightforward and easy to understand, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to attract customers with a clear and enticing offer. 

Customers appreciate the simplicity of fixed amount discounts because they know exactly how much they'll save without having to calculate percentages or meet certain spending thresholds. This transparency can help increase conversion rates and encourage customers to make a purchase. 

Free Shipping Coupons

Free Shipping Coupons

Free shipping coupons eliminate the cost of shipping for customers, making online shopping more appealing. These coupons can encourage hesitant customers to complete their purchase by removing an additional expense.

Threshold-based Free Shipping

Threshold-based free shipping coupons require customers to spend a certain amount to qualify for free shipping. For example, "Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50." This tactic incentivizes customers to add more items to their cart to reach the threshold. 

It's like a little reward for spending a bit more, and customers love getting something for free. Plus, it encourages them to buy more items at once, which can increase the average order value for businesses. 

So, by offering threshold-based free shipping, businesses can boost sales while also making customers happy.

Sitewide Free Shipping

Sitewide free shipping coupons apply to all orders regardless of the purchase amount or products selected. This straightforward offer simplifies the decision-making process for customers and can increase order values. 

Customers love free shipping because it means they don't have to worry about extra costs when checking out. It also encourages them to add more items to their cart to take advantage of the deal. 

Plus, with free shipping, customers feel like they're getting a great deal, which makes them more likely to come back and shop again. So, offering sitewide free shipping is a win-win for businesses and customers alike!

BOGO Coupons

BOGO Coupons

BOGO (Buy One, Get One) coupons offer customers a free product or a discount on additional items when they purchase a specific product at full price. This type of coupon encourages customers to buy more while feeling like they're getting a good deal.

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGOF)

BOGOF coupons are like a special treat for customers because they get two items for the price of one! It's a win-win situation: customers feel like they're getting a great deal, and businesses can move more products off their shelves. 

This strategy is especially useful for getting rid of extra stuff or getting people excited about something new. 

Plus, who doesn't love getting something extra for free? It's a fun way to make customers happy while boosting sales at the same time!

Buy One, Get One at Discount (BOGO % Off)

BOGO percentage-off coupons offer a discount on a second item when one is purchased at full price. For example, "Buy one pair of shoes, get the second pair 50% off." 

This encourages customers to buy multiples while still providing a discount. It's like getting a deal for buying more than one item. These types of offers can be really appealing to customers because they feel like they're getting more value for their money. 

So, businesses often use BOGO percentage-off deals to entice customers to make a purchase and boost sales.

Best Practices for Email Coupons

Email coupons are special discounts or offers sent to customers via email. They're a great way for businesses to attract customers, increase sales, and build customer loyalty.


Personalizing email coupons based on customer preferences, past purchases, and demographics can significantly increase their effectiveness. 


Use data analytics to tailor coupons to each recipient, making them feel valued and more likely to redeem the offer. Use our’s AI email writer tool to personalize your emails based on interest.

Segmented Targeting

Segment your email list based on various criteria such as purchase history, geographic location, or engagement level. This allows you to send relevant coupons to specific groups, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

You can use our lead finder tool to detect the right people, as it will make sure the people you're contacting are genuinely interested and responsive, so you can put your energy into making your emails better, knowing that you're connecting with the right audience.

Dynamic Content

Utilize dynamic content in your email coupons to display personalized recommendations or product suggestions based on each recipient's behavior and preferences. This creates a more engaging and relevant shopping experience.

Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Include a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) in your email coupons that prompts recipients to take immediate action. Use actionable language such as "Shop Now" or "Claim Your Discount" to encourage clicks and conversions.

Urgency and Scarcity

Incorporate urgency and scarcity tactics into your email coupons by setting expiration dates or limiting the number of available coupons. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to act quickly to redeem the offer.

Exclusive Offers

Provide exclusive offers and discounts to email subscribers to reward their loyalty and incentivize them to continue engaging with your brand. Exclusive coupons make subscribers feel special and valued, fostering long-term customer relationships.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

Optimize your email coupons for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience across all devices. Use responsive design and concise messaging to make it easy for recipients to view and redeem coupons on their smartphones or tablets.

Mobile-Friendly Redemption

Ensure that your email coupons are easily redeemable both online and in-store, especially for mobile users. Provide clear instructions and clickable buttons that direct recipients to the redemption process without friction.


Email coupons are a powerful marketing tool that can drive sales, increase customer engagement, and build brand loyalty. 

By understanding the different types of coupons and implementing best practices for effective distribution, businesses can harness the full potential of email marketing to boost their bottom line. 

Start experimenting with email coupons today to see how they can elevate your marketing strategy and drive tangible results.

Utilize our tools to make sure lots of people open and read your emails.

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