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How to Fix Low Open Rates for Cold Email?

The average open rate for cold emails is 18.9%, which means most recipients simply don't even see your message.A person receives an average of 46 promotional emails per day. Sending a generic email to everyone is impersonal and shows a lack of effort.
Bella Ward

The average open rate for cold emails is 18.9%, which means most recipients simply don't even see your message.

A person receives an average of 46 promotional emails per day. Sending a generic email to everyone is impersonal and shows a lack of effort.

Timing is crucial for email success; avoid sending emails when people are busy, like on Monday mornings.

How do you fix this?

Let's explore the easiest way to skyrocket the open rate of your email marketing campaigns.

What is the Open Rate in Emails?

You're sending messages to your buddies.

The "open rate" for emails is like checking how many friends open the message you sent.

Open rate is a way to know if your message is getting through to them.

When you shoot an email to someone, the open rate tells you how many of them opened it to read.

It helps you see if your emails are interesting or if they're just getting ignored.

If nobody opens your email, it could mean they're not into it or they didn't even see it pop up.

With an open rate, you can switch up something in your emails to make them more exciting and get people to read them.

What is the Open Rate in Emails?

Importance of Open Rates in Cold Email Campaigns

You knock on someone's door, and if they open, you can chat with them.

If someone opens your email, that means they're interested in what you have to say.

It's the start of a conversation! So, if lots of people open it, that means your message is hitting the mark. But if not many do, you might need to change things up.


Track how many people open your emails, and you can figure out what's working and what's not.

Maybe your subject line needs a makeover, or you're sending your emails at the wrong time.

Tweaking these things can help more people open your emails.

Building Relationship

When someone opens your email, it's like they're opening the door to a potential friendship or connection.

Even if they don't reply right away, it shows they're interested. And over time, you can turn that interest into something meaningful.

Building Relationship

Better Chance of Success

The more people open your emails, the better your chances of success.

Whether you're selling something, trying to make new friends, or spreading a message, getting people to open your emails is the first step towards reaching your goals.

Don't just look at open rates as numbers. They're like little windows into how much people are interested in what you have to say and how effective your emails are.

Keep an eye on them, and you'll be on your way to nailing your email game!

Analyze Current Strategy

Imagine you're baking a cake and you want to make sure you have all the right ingredients.

It's like that with emails – you want to ensure everything's just right before you hit send.

Here's how you can do it:

Checking Out Email Stuff

Subject Lines, Content, and Who It's From:

Think of this like checking out the cover of a book.

We need to make sure our subject lines grab attention, our email content is interesting, and people know who it's from.

If something seems off, we might need to tweak it a bit.

Checking Out Email Stuff

Knowing Our Audience

Who's Getting Our Emails and What They Like:

We need to understand who we're sending emails to – their age, what they're into, and what they like.

This helps us write emails that they'll enjoy reading.

Picking the Right Time

When and How Often to Hit Send:

We've got to figure out when our emails are most likely to be seen.

Sending too many emails can bug people, but sending them at the wrong time might mean they'll just get lost in a jam-packed inbox.

We want to find the perfect balance – sending enough to stay connected, but not so many that we annoy people.

By paying attention to these things, we can make sure our emails are hitting the right spots.

Identify Potential Issues

Here's what we need to keep an eye out for

Identify Potential Issues

Subject Lines


Think of it like a dull sign outside a store – nobody notices it.

If our subject lines are boring, people might just ignore our emails.


We gotta make them catchy, like a cool headline in a magazine.

Something that makes people go, "Hey, I gotta check this out!"

Irrelevant Content


Picture a movie with a super boring plot – nobody wants to watch it. If our email content is boring or doesn't matter to the reader, they'll stop reading.


We need to make email interesting and helpful.

Something that keeps people reading and wanting more.

Sketchy Sender Info

Sketchy Sender Info


If our sender info seems fishy or doesn't make sense, people might just delete our emails.


We need to make sure our sender info looks legit and makes sense.

Something that makes people feel like they're hearing from a friend, not a stranger.

Emails Going to the Wrong People


Sell snow to someone who lives in a desert – it just doesn't make sense.

If we're not sending our emails to the right people, they won't be interested.


You need to know who you're emailing and send stuff that matches what they like and need.

Something that makes them go, "Wow, this is exactly what I wanted!"

Bad Timing or Too Many Emails

Bad Timing or Too Many Emails


If you send emails at the wrong time or too many, people might get mad and unsubscribe.


Find the right time to send emails when people are most likely to read them, and not flood their inboxes with too much stuff.

By keeping an eye on these things, we can make sure our emails are hitting the mark.

Strategies to Improve Open Rates

How we can make our emails super enticing so more people want to open them up? 

Think of it like adding extra yummy toppings to a pizza to make it irresistible.

Here are some cool tricks we can try:

Crafting Awesome Subject Lines

Personalization and Relevant Stuff

It's like writing someone's name on a gift – it makes it special, right?

Make subject lines just for each person to make them feel like the email is just for them.

If you prefer not to personalize emails manually, utilize's AI email writer tool to personalize emails effectively and engage your audience.

Personalization and Relevant Stuff

Testing Different Subject Lines

It's like trying on different outfits to see which one looks best.

Test out different subject lines to see which ones grab the most attention.

Using Exciting Words and Emotions

It's like sprinkling magic dust on a story – it makes it captivating!

Use words that make people curious and emotional to get them excited to open our emails.

Making Email Content Better

Talking About Content They Like

It's like offering a solution to a problem – it's helpful!

Talk about things they value, whether it's fixing a problem or talking about something they're interested in.

Writing in a Way That Keeps Them Hooked

It's like telling a super cool story – it keeps people interested!

Use words that make people want to keep reading.

Writing in a Way That Keeps Them Hooked

Adding Pictures and Videos

It's like adding colorful illustrations to a book – it makes it more fun!

Put in pictures or videos to make our emails look cool and grab attention.

Making Sure People Trust Us

Introducing Ourselves in a Friendly Way

It's like saying hi with a big smile – it builds trust!

Use a name and email address that people know and trust.

Adding Personal Touches

It's like adding a little doodle to a letter – it shows we care!

Include a signature or photo to make our emails feel more personal.

Keeping Promises

It's like doing what we say we'll do – it builds trust!

Make sure our info matches what people expect.

Sending Emails to the Right People

Keeping Promises

Dividing Our Friends into Groups

It's like splitting up a big party into smaller hangouts – it's easier to handle!

Split up email lists based on different things to send emails that fit each group.

After splitting up the email list, utilize's unlimited email outreach tool to efficiently send personalized emails to your contacts, maximizing your outreach potential.

Changing What We Say Based on Who We're Talking To

It's like cooking different foods for different pals – it fits what they like!

Change your emails depending on who we're talking to so it's more relevant.

Keeping Our Friends' Info Up to Date

It's like keeping our contact list current – ensuring we're talking to the right people!

Keep updating your info to make sure you're sending content to the right folks.

Sending Emails at the Right Time

Figuring Out When Our Friends Are Around

It's like telling a joke when everyone's listening – timing is key!

Figure out the best times to send emails based on when our friends are most likely to see them.

Figuring Out When Our Friends Are Around

Not Bombarding Our Friends with Too Many Emails

It's like knowing when to stop talking – too much can be annoying!

Make sure you're not sending too many emails.

Trying Out Different Sending Speeds

It's like riding a bike at the right pace – we gotta find what works!

Try sending emails more or less often to see what our friends like best.

By using these tricks and always trying to get better, we can make our emails super awesome and more people will want to open them up!

Implementation and Testing

How you can make your plans happen and make sure they're working?

Making Changes Happen

Think of it like following a map to get to our destination – we need to take the right steps.

Once you figure out ways to make your emails better, you'll put those ideas into action.

This could mean changing the subject lines, tweaking what we write, or improving who the email is from, based on what we find out.

Making Changes Happen

Testing Different Ideas

Imagine comparing two versions of a painting to see which one looks nicer.

Set up experiments where you send slightly different emails to different groups of people.

This helps you figure out which changes make more people want to open our emails.

For example, we might try out different subject lines or different things in the email to see what people like best.

Keeping an Eye on Results

It's like checking the temperature to see if it's getting warmer – we need to see how things are going.

Keep track of how many people open our emails and other important numbers to see if our changes are making a difference.

If more people are opening our emails, it means our ideas are working. If not, we'll have to think of something else to try.

By making changes, testing ideas, and keeping an eye on how things are going, we can make sure our emails are really good.

Continuous Optimization

It's kind of like taking care of a garden – you know, you've got to keep looking after it to make sure it grows nicely.

Here's what you can do:

Continuous Optimization

Checking How Our Emails Perform

Think of it like checking the score after a game.

You need to see what's working and what's not.

Take a look at stuff like how many people are opening emails, clicking on links, and other stuff like that.

This helps you figure out where you can improve.

Maybe your email titles aren't catchy enough, or maybe you're not reaching some people.

Finding these things out helps you focus on what you need to do better.

Trying New Things Based on What We Learn

Imagine you're cooking and you adjust the recipe after tasting it.

That's kind of what we'll do here.

We'll use what we learned from checking our emails to make them even better.

This could mean testing out different titles, sending emails at different times, or changing who we send them to.

Keeping Up with What's Hot in the Email World

It's like staying on top of the latest fashion trends.

We need to know what's cool and what's not so that our emails stay interesting.

We'll read up on what's happening in our industry, go to events, and talk to other people who do what we do.

This way, we can always be ahead of the game and make sure our emails are up-to-date.

By always checking how our emails are doing, trying out new things, and staying in the loop, we can keep our emails awesome.

Keeping Up with What's Hot in the Email World


Understanding email open rates is crucial for effective communication.

An average of one-fifth of recipients engage with emails.

Monitoring open rates helps gauge the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Strategies like crafting compelling subject lines and sending relevant content at optimal times can boost engagement.

Continuously optimizing email tactics based on performance data ensures sustained success.

Enhance your email strategy with, delivering tailor-made messages that resonate deeply with your audience. Elevate your outreach efforts with hyper-personalization to maximize engagement.

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